Chapter 54: Stay the Night

Samhain Night 412, Galway of the O’Connors   The Great Hall glowed in a warmth unknown for many years. Lanterns blazed overhead, illuminating the tapestries draped over wall and beam in an otherworldly light. Tables filled the usually empty court room where clansmen met to settle business and resolve disputes. Tonight it was the stage for two realms to meet and they dined in costume, … Continue reading Chapter 54: Stay the Night

Chapter 52: To The Faerie Realm

Dusk of Day 412, Isle of Searbh Quietly Kinvara followed Fiachra in the omnious dark of dusk shading the greenery in gray. The shadows were long and consuming, the sunset was orange and glowing like a fire. It reflected off Fiachra’s eyes in a disturbing fashion, it looked like his eyes were engulfed in a flame. They had snuck out before a pathetic dinner could … Continue reading Chapter 52: To The Faerie Realm