Paris to the Past

Trains Transport Page to Perspective When you think of history, do you see it as tangible thing? Is it an abstract concept? Is it fixed to dates and timelines and monuments? Or do you think of travel? Ina Caro sees it as a destination. In┬áParis to the Past, Caro explores the past of France by […]

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Your Attention Matters

  Tonight a friend of mine shared this VlogBrothers post with me and I believe it is incredibly profound. I think it is to the benefit of all to consider where our attentions go, and for us as humans, to take back some control of our attention from the distractions that ensnare us on a […]

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Chapter 85: The Queen’s Chat

Day 524, Naghaid, 823 AD, Kingdom of Innis Aran “Do ever think of him?” Riagan asked Saoirse. It was midday, they were in new cells. Moved from the dungeon depths to the dungeon middle. They were in a section of caves that opened out on to the sea. Watched constantly by armed guards they were […]

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