Chapter 8: Annag’s Chair

Day 332 of Exile, Galway of the O’Connors   Tearlag, Dowager Chieftainess of Galway looked down her nose from her favorite chair, her throne. It was ornate, wooden, carved from an aspen tree. It’s color cool and pale, like Tearlag’s skin. Her hair, snowy brown, dusting the ends and the length of her long hair. Her face was round, welcoming, her eyes, calculating yet bright. … Continue reading Chapter 8: Annag’s Chair

Chapter 7: Saoirse’s Panic

Day 329, Island of Searbh   “Fiachra this venison is excellent.” Riagan boasted, “Did everyone see the size of the stag he brought down?” He raised his cup “Cheers to my son.” . “Aoibheann got the better shot.” Fiachra said, lifting his cup for Aoibheann. The table followed, “Slainte” echoed throughout the room. Kinvara raised her glass half heartedly, she had no feeling, no sense … Continue reading Chapter 7: Saoirse’s Panic