Chapter 25: Brighid’s Wedding

20 years ago, Reign of High Chieftain Conn, Innis Aran   Saoirse stood behind her friend, pinning Brighid’s fire plume of hair into place. Many braids cascaded into woven textured at the crown of her head. What was left underneath cascaded down past her shoulders, skimming her waist. To her right, Brynhildr arranged wildflowers into Brighid’s bouquet. Ciannait, Chieftainness and dear friend of Saoirse and … Continue reading Chapter 25: Brighid’s Wedding

Chapter 22: Limerick’s Fields

Day 359, Limerick of the Earl Hrokr MacManus   A steady clop ripped through the fields, a horse was galloping at a ferocious pace through Limerick’s rolling countryside towards the fortress and the village. Curses and fists greeted them as the Viking and Irish farmers’ plants and bushes were ripped out by their aggressive paths. Brynhildr heard the commotion and ran out from the docks … Continue reading Chapter 22: Limerick’s Fields

Chapter 21: Before the Tea Gets Cold

Day 357, Galway of the O’Connor’s   Seamus awoke to knocking at his door. He rolled over and put the pillow over his head, it was not time yet. “Go away.” “Sir, the Dowager Chieftainness requests your presence at breakfast.” A servant whispered through the door. Seamus groaned. He wrapped himself up in a blanket.  It was unseasonably cold this morning. He looked at the … Continue reading Chapter 21: Before the Tea Gets Cold