• B.A. in History from Geneva College.
  • Concentrations in Irish History and Fashion History.
  • Co-creator of G.C. Digital Archive: Geneva College in the 1920s
  • Huxley Rye Vintage Fashion Merchandising Intern


  • Irish History has been a passion of mine since I went to Ireland as a child. I was fascinated to know more about the strange ruins and relics I saw. When I had the opportunity to explore this curiosity in college, I took it.For my Irish History concentration in college, I crafted two capstone projects.
    • Sacrificial Nationalism: The 1916 Uprising (2012)
    • I developed my own course for an independent study: Celtic Ireland 490AD-1169AD. This course focused on Druids, Mythology, and what it meant to be Irish before the Norman Invasion of 1169 AD. (2014)



  • One of my concentrations for my major was Fashion History. I crafted two capstone research projects for my concentration.
    • Hybridity and Femininity in Northern Africa and France: How Orientalism and Revolutions shaped the perception of Gender in Eastern and Western Fashion (2014)
    • The Rise of Modern Fashion in China and Japan: Post WWII (2012)



  • I also co-created an archive while in college, called GC Digital Archive. It’s an archive devoted to college life in the 1920s at Geneva College. I researched and curated all the fashion pieces on the site.


  • In 2012, I did an internship for a Vintage Online Store called Huxley Rye. I wrote all the merchandising descriptions for the items to be listed. They are akin to small poems of description.