The Raven Appears Foreword


  • The term Udal Cuain inspired me when I began to write. It is a Scottish Gaelic word meaning, to be tossed around by the sea. I found this beautiful word inspirational as I began writing my novel, set in Viking Age Ireland. This is a fantasy and historical fiction novel that is set in a world with Chieftains, Druids, Vikings, Christians and Faeries. Ireland is in a time of change, and this time the Gaelic going to win. The Tuatha de Danaan will rise again.


  • I was inspired to write this novel after my first year of marriage. It was tough, and some days it felt every thing around me was crumbling. Nothing about dealing with disappointment or dysfunction is easy, especially when there are toxic people trying to worm their way into your life. It’s hard to stay grounded. This was my way to feel grounded again. By opening my emotions on to the page, to become a better person. Not a Saoirse fighting against the world. Nor a Kinvara too shy to speak.


  • The imagery of life tossing us around, like the sea, spoke to me. Life can try to break us. Life tries to drown us. We have to ride the Udal Cuain, surf the waves of uncertainty, until we are no longer drowning. We keep going until life makes sense again. This is a story of reaching rock bottom and rising up again, stronger together.