Huxley Rye Accessories

White Chocolate Bag

Who says neutrals can’t stand out? Faux Crocodile leather pops when sporting a rich shade of white, and combines harmoniously with the many shades and patterns of your wardrobe. Top handle, sophisticated stitching and flat bottom base make this practical for all your daily errands.

Golden Petals Medallion

Stunning in the golden hues of a setting sun, burst of warmth and glowing bronze to any outfit.

This sizable pendant hits at mid torso, giving this necklace a variety of neckline possibilities, and

outer petal details bring a soft sunflower essence to the metallic disk and bronze colored chain.  

Beauty of the Muses Cameo Pin

Reminiscent of the beauty captured in marble statues of mythical goddesses, this pin features the cameo of a woman in the relaxed style of Greek art. The raised image of Ivory sits on a warm orange enamel backdrop, with a delicate bronze and golden oval frame. This cameo pin will add a hint of historical elegance to any ensemble.

Twilight Handbag

Deep blue shines in the swirling folds of leather, like dancing waves of the ocean after dark. A bag that commands power like that of the dark waves, top handle, inner zip pocket, and flat bottom provide function and style you can depend on. Striking blue leather draped on either side make the main compartment of this bag expandable to fit all your must-need items.

Beauty of the Muses Cameo Earrings

Striking profile of a grand lady captured in the traditional attire of Greeks, captured in a raised Ivory image on a warm and rosy orange enameled background, with a simple oval frame and earring backing in a gold tone. These earrings, though strong in color and style, keep it simple due to their smaller size and will add a historical element without overwhelming your other accessories. Instead they will sing harmoniously with your wardrobe, like the sweet notes of the Muses.

Antique Romance Pin

A beautiful rose sits frozen in a time, as if it was picked fresh from an old faded photograph. Use this pin in a myriad of looks, accentuate your waist or add polish to your favorite jacket or blouse. Golden rose pairs well with lighter colors and pops with white or cream.

Shades of White Cardigan

Pure white warmth in a new kind of sweater features both a comforting woven softness and contrasting unique pearl embellishment. More than just a basic piece to complete a look, this statement sweater makes your look standout. This cardigan easily shifts from spring dresses to winter layers to crisp fall days.

Mariachi Madness Pin

A party on your sleeve! Here to bring all the energy of the Latin flair to your daily style and make you smile on your darkest days. This guitar is decorated in a mosaic pattern of alternating colors and patterns, as well as golden accents on the border of instrument body. A daring and unique addition for those who accessorize adventurously.

Lady of Shalott Dress

Romance of that found in the sonnets of old, in a dress of ethereal white. This long sleeve maxi has a glossy sleeveless under dress with an overlay of sheer sleeves and bottom flared hem. Amidst the cloud of white lies a color-filled embroidered belt of floral blooms and bows, adding a whimisical touch to the serious romance of this look.

Spanish Lady Bangles

A bright pop of color to accent the many looks of your wardrobe, featuring playful shades orange and golden painted flowers that dance around your wrist on these charming bangles. Wear all three together, layer with other bracelets, or wear just one bangle on its own. They are easily able to switch to fit your style mood.

Dark Floral Nights Dress

Midnight in color with lovely light pink blooms outlined all over, for a night of daring romance and glamour. A classic cut and fitted dress, with a scalloped off the shoulder neckline that will transport you back to the days of old Hollywood glamour and demand attention.

Bordeaux Beauty Necklace

Shine in the sophistication of wine country, with a vine of silvery chain draped around your neck and a delicately purple bouquet of beads, the focus of this tasteful statement piece. Subtle shades of silver and purple make this necklace easy to get along with the bolder shades you already wear.

White Rose Broach

A single rose encapsulating the beauty of a fresh bouquet of roses, ready to adorn on your favorite cardigan or dress. Golden stem and a single crystal accent dress up the crisp white of the bloom, and make this broach as special the feeling of receiving a rose should be.

White Hot Cuff

Minimalism that stands out. White is transformed into sculpted cuff of many sections and metallic accent, a simple bracelet that becomes the star of any look you pair it with.

Kaleidoscope Clutch

Can’t decide what bag to wear? With a flip of a clutch swirling colors shift from warm to cool tones, in an all over woven pattern that is perfect for days when you’re feeling a bit Bohemian and relaxed. A great addition to laid back summer ensembles.

Glamorous Edge Cuff

Tough gold panels meet the delicate beauty of crystals for a new feminine edge of this classic pairing. A statement cuff to bring power to a simple dress or jeans and a v-neck, and take your look to a luxurious level.

Golden Belt Bracelet

Whimsical and sophisticated, wrap your wrist in a classic shape. Golden frame and light yellow inset give an antique attitude to this bracelet and the simplicity gives this golden wrap a Parisian flair.

Antique Traveler Pendant

Travel back in time with a pendant that appears to have survived the ages, in a bronze and turquoise palate. The aged style of the detailed setting and link chain transport your imagination back to the days of old world adventure and discovery, or for you a new world of style possibilities.

Crackled Coral Crystals

Elegant coral colored crystals float from transparent shimmering studs on delicate pewter chain that dance around your ears with an effortless beauty every woman loves to express in her style. Light wispy coloring these earrings are true ladylike chic.

Royal Tetris Bracelet

Playful and fun this cube-tastic bracelet will take your look to a new whimsical level in a rich gold tone that draws attention. Though filled with hard angles and straight lines, the bracelet easily stretches on to wrist for comfort and distressing make the cubes softer and relaxed and ready for the stylish times ahead.

Deepest Blues Clutch

Like a shimmering gemstone of vibrant hue, changing shade with sunbeam that shines its way so does this clutch, in overall patent leather snakeskin, capture the brilliance of sapphire blue. An adorable bow and inner lining of charming butterflies make this gem more than your average clutch.

Sweets & Stripes Bracelets

Adorable stripes of a light pink, white and black and a striking blue remind you of simpler days, of cotton candy and lollipops the bright days of childhood dreaming. Bring that energy with you on your wrist with these darling bracelets, so sweet they will brighten anyone’s day.

A New Leaf Clutch

A timeless envelope shape for a new moment of style, in a creamy ivory with golden leaf accent. Perfect for spring, summer, and fall days and sizable enough to hold all the items you can’t leave the house without.

Parisian Lady Bag

A handbag so fabulous you can imagine yourself sitting at a café overlooking the Siene or strolling down the Champs Elysee admiring the work of grand couturiers. This classic bag carries the confidence and style of a Parisian woman, with its simple silhouette and dark color and patent leather finish; it is neither loud nor demanding but attracts attention wherever it roams.

Prairie Belle Handbag

Rich chestnut brown leather tailored to perfection for this simple crossbody handbag with a shell tone pin closure. A staple piece to build a wardrobe on with the timeless style of leather reminiscent of the old fashioned style of the western frontier, that will beautifully accompany any look.

Darling Daisies Earrings

Happiness flows from the golden bloom and pearl center, carried with you throughout your day, in these refined daisy earrings. A great accessory for the floral filled months of summer and spring, they will add a bit of polished cheer to your next look.

Cozy Winter Days Sweater

Wrap yourself in the gorgeous white comfort of an oversized and gracefully woven angora(?) sweater. Detailed knot work, pearl embellishment and scalloped crocheted edges craft a luxurious alpine chic look that can be worn either as a top or a short tunic dress when paired with leggings, add a cinched waist belt to make this look one of a kind.

Feeling Hipster Grandpa Sweater

Uniquely chic, this colorful oversized cardigan sports an out of the ordinary pattern and makes this grandpa sweater playful and fun. A great find for those who lean towards a hipster look, adorable when paired skinny jeans and boots. Will bring style and comfort to fall and winter days, while you enjoy time with a latte and friends in your favorite coffee shop.

Beautiful Simplicity Handbag

Clean lines and a pure white leather finish are center stage for this lovely simple bag, a refreshing style palate cleanser for your handbag collection. Although simple in styling its design is superb featuring a main zipper compartment that unfolds to reveal an outer snap closure pocket. A flawless combination style and function.

Light as Air Dress

Wispy in color and delicate in floral pattern, this light cotton dress was made for relaxed sophistication. A great piece to get creative with, beautifully pairs with leggings or tights, layer on a belt or a scarf for even more style possibilities.

Golden, Golden Necklace

A moment of natural splendor captured in gold toned leaves, pearls in place of berries and blooms with a subtle sparkle of crystals in the midst of each leaf. Take a walk through the refreshing atmosphere of nature draped around your neck, featured in the richness of gold and pearls.

Caramel Macchiato Wrap

Luscious caramel colored fur to drape your shoulders in a one of a kind warmth, once reserved for the finest ladies of land. Treat yourself to the decadence of Mink(?) fur with the modern style of a dolman-esque sleeved wrap with front pockets. A classic to pair with jeans or a lovely day dress, for this wrap is not limited to glamorous gowns, rock fur the 21st century way!

Chocolate Gems Broach

A cluster of warm earth toned gems dance around this intricate broach like the constellations of the night sky. Many angled gems reflect a myriad of colors, changing with each varied light with a sprinkling of delicately bronze leaf buds surrounding them. A wonderfully detailed addition to the many looks of your life.

Silver Waves Cuff

As the shimmering tide curls itself into a crashing wave, so do the fluid silver fingers curl and wrap themselves around your wrist. Featuring an interlocking claw design and unique intertwining layers of silver.

Duchess of Style Bracelet

The Grand Dame of diamonds has shined upon your wrist and it glistens with the look of layered crystal finery. The bracelet features a style reserved for only your most important of occasions. A timeless jewelry staple that is definitely a girl’s best friend.

The Dark of Night Clutch

Deep navy envelopes this small classic clutch with all the colors of a dark evening sky. Tailored edges and golden hardware with elevate any looked it is paired with. A classic clutch for any timeless and sophisticated woman of style.

Constellations Cuff

Crystals dot the canvas of golden shine wrapped around your wrist like the stars’ shimmering light decorates the evening sky. A statement piece that will add polish to any evening ensemble or special occasion attire, features a lock closure and hinge for ease of wear.

Lovely Wilderness Bracelet

Inspired by the graceful beauty of nature, this bracelet of metallic berry shaped beads brings a uniquely elegant voice to the conversation of easy sophisticated style. Features a simple chain link closure and warm hints of gold and faded maroon.

Swirling Waters Pin

Bright shades of blue swirl round and flow themselves into a delicate two-toned bow, a sophisticated and fun addition to a playful daytime ensemble. Gold accent and mosaic pattern give this charming little bow a touch of joyful attitude.

Summertime Smiles Pin

Happiness of a warm summer afternoon filled with the beauty of summer flowers shines through the lime piping and joyful floral image. Bring a sunshine filled and fun loving attitude to your daily style with this adorable and bright flower pin.

Floral Grandeur Clutch

Transport your look back to the days of embroidered chic, when the splendor of needlepoint flowered bouquets and intricate golden borders reigned. A timeless femininity is captured in the Victorian inspired artwork and classic kiss-lock clutch, a unique bag to compliment a myriad looks.

Russian Elegance Coat

Richly crafted, this Mink fur coat exudes luxury and style. A classically cut coat, hitting at mid waist with wide draped sleeves, transcends decades for a style that never goes out. Give leather a break and mix it up with the glamorous edge of a great fur.


Embroidered Bouquet Handbag

Springtime flowers all year long. This white leather bag with a side panel of needlepoint floral embroidery gives this classic piece an heirloom touch, ready to accompany you through all your future adventures. The neutral color allows for a variety of possibilities for you to pair this bag with many pieces within your wardrobe. It will add a little something to the everyday jeans and cute top, and pair with a statement jacket and heels for a feminine edge.



Huxley Rye Clothing

One of the Boys Blouse

Borrow the effortless ease of your guy’s favorite shirt in this on trend piece, complete with tie front to accompany this season’s throwback to 70’s flair. Loose relaxed fit and front pleating make this menswear piece an effortlessly feminine wardrobe staple.

Winter Winds Sweater

Swirling blues and icy whites dance across the woolen expanse of this dolman sweater, featuring cold shoulder cut outs and ¾ sleeves. A geometric pattern full of movement and colorblocked shades of light blue and white combine for a modern take on the traditional crewneck sweater.  

Sherbet Striped Sweater

Pastel stripes of orange, green, and white layer on top of one another like the flavors of a delicious frozen treat, and are on trend for fall. A refreshing addition, featuring elbow length sleeves, allow this sweater to transition from mild days to a layered look for chilly weather.

Bolts of Lightning Sweater

Give your look a burst of power with the electrifying pattern of lightning bolt inspired stripes. Muted colors and all over taupe shade, make this crewneck sweater a sophisticated statement.

Lovely Lady Sweater

Delicately soft and feminine, this lightly pink angora sweater invites you to wrap yourself in luxurious warmth. Scallop edges make for a flattering neckline, and metallic bow provide that lovely bit of sparkle every girl wants.

Confetti Sweater

Full of personality, this all over abstract print sweater is sure to make a statement while it wraps you in a warm woolen embrace. Tunic length sweater can be worn belted or relaxed and oversized with leggings, a great option for campus life or running around town.

Japanese Cherry Blossom Blouse

The silk shirt takes a whimsical turn, sporting an all over bouquet of delightful Japanese cherry blossoms that pop against a rich navy blue silk background. More than just a simple silk blouse, this top features architectural shoulder pleating and a key hole at back for a modern hint of skin.

Lady in White Blouse

Old fashioned and romantic, this cropped blouse is as light as air. The front sash beautifully cinches at the waist, while the relaxed fit turns up the volume for your next look. Pair with skinny jeans or fall’s statement trousers for high fashion moment.

Windswept Beauty Blouse

Wispy and romantic, this off-white sheer draped blouse with Victorian inspired neckline and subtle floral pattern creates an effortlessly feminine look that turn heads everywhere you go. Perfect for days when you don’t feel like trying too hard.

Shimmering Biscotti Sweater

A warm and comforting treat for your closet in a toasted tan color palate that is reminiscent of your coffee’s favorite pairing. Elegant boatneck and diagonal metallic stripes beautifully compliment your shape, making this neutral a stunning piece.

Burst of Sunshine Cardigan

Tell neutrals to take the day off and add a bright pop of color to your look! Classic cardigan shape makes this sweater a dependable companion to the many ensembles of your life. Throw on a patterned scarf or a whimsical pendant for fresh fall look.

Bohemian Blossoms Blouse

Beautifully draped, this cool mint green blouse refreshes your look with a touch of bohemian elegance. A ¾ sleeved top that will transition from spring through fall, pair with a stacked heel sandal or booties for a chic ensemble that’s all your own.

Aran Islands Cardigan

Stay warm Irish style in this oversized sweater vest that can be worn as either a chic and cozy cardigan or as a unique sweater coat. Draped collar and front pockets make this vest cutely sophisticated, as well as the intricately woven pattern that makes this sweater Celtic chic.

Café Au Lait Sweater

Mix it up with this adorable sweater tee, in color blocked taupe shades of a rich cup of coffee with cream. A neutral yet unique piece with exposed back zipper, a reversely color blocked belt at hip, and cap sleeves to make this sweater for more than just chilly days.

Geometric Gems Cardigan

For those fall days on campus when you are feeling a bit hipster, stay warm indie style in a strong all over print filled with sapphires, teals and golden tans. Relaxed fit and energetic pattern pair great with skinny jeans or as a finishing piece to a simple dress.

Sapphire Glamour Sweater

The classic crewneck gets a chic makeover with metallic thread embroidery and sequin accents in a chic black and white. Mix with a bright shoe for pop of color and unique cocktail ring for a modern look.

The Modern Blazer

Break away from serious and somber with lapels of stripes and color blocked magenta this cropped blazer is not meant for work. Add playful sophistication to your wardrobe with this modern take on the classic blazer.

Spring Dots Shirt

An explosion of pastel confetti and tiny flower buds float across this mint colored button down top, putting personality back into the traditional shirt. Style either buttoned, relaxed and open, or belted for a variety of fashion moments.

Lady in Black Blouse

A darker side of romantic, this effortlessly draped cropped blouse with white lace neckline makes this lightly sheer top with transparent pinstripes, traditionally stylish.  Tie sash beautifully highlights the waist, while ¾ sleeves create a modern take on a classic bohemian look.

The Little Black Shirt

An “it” piece for any woman’s wardrobe, this simple black button down shirt keeps it classic with 70’s inspired tie front in an overall pinstripe. Featuring slightly sheer stripes, that when paired with a pop of color underneath, turns the volume up for a modernly chic style.

Red Velvet Cardigan

In a deep red and rich smooth texture this cardigan wraps you in comfort like your favorite red dessert, topped with and icing shiny gold buttons. A sweater that can be dressed down with jeans, or up with a trouser or dress, and when finished off with a scarf looks richly stylish.

Trumpet Vine Sweater

A unique short sleeved sweater whose cap sleeves make it a versatile top that transitions through fall to spring with ease. A silhouette of a trumpet vine blossom draws your eye to the waist with a hint of metallic woven threads that add shimmer and style, while the muted slate blue and white make this piece delicately feminine.

Icy Shimmer Sweater

Add some sweet shine to your sweater collection with this icy blue short sleeved top. Cap sleeves play with volume in a cute way, while the open weaving at top draws its own delicate frosty pattern across your neckline, ending in an adorable scalloped edge.

Campus Cardigan

A golden style opportunity, this traditional menswear cardigan makes your look intelligent chic. This sweater features a smart update of dueling intricate knotwork of parallel stripes that travel down both front and back of this unique cardigan, as well as adorable two toned buttons. In both color and detail this sweater proves a smart addition to your closet.

Playful Polka-Dots Shirt

Give your serious side a break and give this whimsical all over polka dot silk shirt a try. The rich silky texture of the fabric gives your casual wardrobe a luxurious boost, and delicate belt as well as the hint of a ruffle collar give this traditionally menswear cut a feminine edge.

Old World Spanish Tunic

Capture the signature tile artwork found in old world Spanish villas in your daily style with this relaxed tunic, painted on to the white canvas of fabric with colorful needlepoint. Off the shoulder cut makes this more than your average tunic.

Dark and Mysterious Sweater

Dark and dramatic, add some edge to your winter wardrobe with this forest green and black chevron striped sweater. Contrasting design surrounding the neckline is reminiscent of the mysterious artwork of the ancient Celts, dramatically pulled together with striking v shaped border of dark brown leather.


Mod About You Dress

A tangerine and cream colored shift dress, in an overall pattern of interwoven floral embroidery that provides texture and visual interest to the simple silhouette. Style it down for class or the office with leggings and tall riding boots to achieve a signature 60’s inspired daytime ensemble. To style up add wedge heels and a long necklace for a modern twist on a British mod favorite.


Warm Summer Breeze Dress

A pleated trumpet bodice floating on a skirt of white netted fabric, with a golden rosette at natural waist. The bodice features cream floral embroidery, princess seaming, and delicate tie straps. A-line skirt and knee length scalloped hem. A relaxed go-to-piece, pair with flat sandals for laid back summer days or add wedges and a cocktail ring for a night out with your guy. No matter the occasion this dress will make you look effortlessly adorable.



Huxley Rye Jewelry


Royal Dragon Belt

A strong and powerful way to add a sophisticated cinch to a voluminous top or dress, this reptilian inspired pattern of scales puts a new spin on animal inspired accessorizing. Add texture and shine with this one of a kind belt with Asian flair.


Vanilla Sprinkles Clutch

The sweetest envelope you will ever receive, this clutch is sprinkled with candy-like seed beads in a charming mosaic of roses. This vintage piece features the soft sugar colored beading in creamy white and light beige, a subtle neutral that will go a long way in your wardrobe.


Rosy Pearls Necklace

For those who like classic pieces with a twist, these lovely pearl shaped beads in a transparent rose shade give the essence of the classic strand of pearls with a quiet hint of color. Easily switch from a dressy ensemble to casual look, this necklace is a loyal style companion.


Moving Forward Bracelet

Keep your style with the times; this chevron pattern bracelet is a quirky update on traditional bronze and quartz embellishments. A unique accessory for those who enjoy a good pattern with some playful edginess on the side, which will set your modern look apart from the rest.


Ladylike Latticework Pendant

Frost yourself in the ladylike lattice work of intricately laid ribbons of white, looping and intertwining over a base of woven gold. Double strands make this long chained statement pendant unique from most, in a great neutral shade of white that is timelessly sophisticated.


Out of His League Earrings

Give your look that extra bit of luxury that will make you irresistibly out of reach. Antique gold finished gem with a double setting of diamond like crystals, which will elevate your style to royal heights.


One Rose Ring

A single carved rose speaks as though you have a bouquet wrapped around your finger, a lovely statement in pale pink quartz. The gold setting of formed leaves and stem surround this bloom, while dew drops of diamond like crystals make this truly shine.


All Eyes on Me Pin

A stylish little friend to take with you on all your daily adventures, this antique gold owl will be the center of attention with his striking amber eyes. Whimsical and cute yet in a sophisticated way, that will bring chic fun energy to any blazer, jacket or blouse.



Refined Robin Pin

Elegantly capturing the beauty of the natural world, this robin’s egg blue gemstone nestles itself in a coil of rich golden rope. A subtle nod to nature that shines as a beautiful broach with striking hues and textures, a great way to dress up a cardigan or add personality to a blazer.


Oh So Dapper Belt

When you want to look your best choose this handsome bowtie belt, inspired by menswear that looks adorable when paired with a feminine top or dress. Add a hint of playful refinement to your closet with this dapper metallic belt.


Beautiful Meets Beetle Pin

Creepily chic this bejeweled beetle shies away from the traditional beauty of accessorizing with a surprise design. This little guy gets dressed up in a metallic duo of gold and silver that make his tiny emerald eyes pop, and make this insect a lovely broach for any occasion.


Stained Glass Pendant

A beautiful and intricate stained glass rose to carry next to your heart, this oval shaped locket pendant with painted floral front take heirloom necklace to a modern stylish level. An easy way to bring focus to a simple outfit, just throw on this locket for an old-fashioned beautiful look.


Snail of the Sea Pin

Capture the clear and pristine blue of the oceans of the Caribbean in the body of the tiny yet adorable snail made of aquamarine gems with silvers striped accents. A lovely little accessory to make that blouse, blazer or sweater, have that extra hint of luxury.


Art Deco Bangle

A timeless bracelet of gorgeous simplicity that will make you feel like a grand heiress at home in the fabulous days of Gatsby. Ivory and gold create a perfect pair in a lovely minimalist bangle that will be a shining piece to your jewelry collection.


Brewed Tea Bangle

A deep rich and warm amber toned bracelet in a transparent finish that when caught in the light the warm color shines to reveal an even lovelier shade of tea. Forget gold, silver or bronze this polished tea-colored bangle makes the perfect go to shade for fall.


World Traveler Bracelet

Don’t settle for just one gorgeous gem when you can have them all. This collection of colored jewels gives a storied appearance of having experienced the world and its many adventures, with its mismatched settings and antique chain lock closure. Experience its stylish tales for yourself with this unique accessory.


Antique Coin Necklace

A rustic pendant for an antique and storied ensemble. This coin from 1939 looks as though it has survived the ages and empires to triumph now as the centerpiece of your latest modern outfit. Step out in this historically glamorous necklace and make some style history of your own.


English Garden Pendant

An exquisite necklace out of the days of an Austen novel, style yourself in this stunning pale blue teardrop pendant with an overlaid gold floral stencil. With this lovely golden floral keepsake adorning your neck everyday can be a stroll through a charming English garden with a handsome gentleman at your side.


The New Skinny Belt

The new skinny belt for when you want to make a subtle cinch go a long way, wrap yourself in gold rope reminiscent of a Grecian goddess’ favorite belting accessory. Far from old school this twisting rope is sleekly modern with a standout buckle in striking silver, make this belt your new “it” accessory.


Ideal Beauty Cameo

The ideal of beauty captured in the enamel carving of this cameo of a Greek maiden forever frozen in effortless windswept splendor. For when you are feeling like a classical beauty, this girl has your style back.


Diamond Raindrops Necklace

Look like the inner diva your bank account can’t support. A necklace dripping with shimmer and shine, adorn your neck with a waterfall of crystals that will make any outfit decadent.


Pearls Forever Necklace

Prim and proper, look like perfection in a small strand of pearls that will gracefully transform the wearer into the most striking woman in the room. A timeless piece of choice this necklace will move with you through life’s style adventures.


Royal Medallion Necklace.

Find your place among the royals with this regal crest pendant of striking blue and rich gold. A fashion statement of strength, wear these crossed swords and powerful lions with swagger and style. A great addition to a blazer look or cozy cardigan, for an edgy chic attitude.


Pearls for Days Necklace

Throw on this long strand of pearls and be transported back to the style days of flappers and long layered necklaces. Wear layered with additional necklaces of varying lengths and styles or wear by itself for a hint of Coco, and an undeniably sophisticated ensemble.


Cheyenne Couture Necklace

Stand out amongst the moccasin wearing crowd with your own spin on this 70s trend with a head turning collar necklace inspired by the fierce style of Native Americans of years past. The relaxed vibe of this beaded neckpiece will pop with jeans and a tank; add some stacked heels for trendsetting style.


Rosebud Trio Necklace

A trio of ivory rosebuds drape gracefully across your neck, a living photograph captured at the peak of their bloom. The delicate chain compliments the elaborately layered petals on each tiny bud, making this simple necklace complexly beautiful.


Loveliest of All Necklace

One of nature’s finest flowers that beholds the standard of beauty, make every outfit exquisite with this golden treasure, featuring a single pearl – the perfect accent to something already so lovely. A great accessory to build a style upon, create an elegant look with a simple blouse or dress to make this delicate flower the focus of everyone’s attention.


Transformation in White Necklace

A necklace that’s white hot, wear with darks, brights, patterns, or neutrals, for whatever style mood fits your fancy this delicate accessory will acquiesce your every fashion whim. Style this necklace long and simple, or short and layered, for a different jewelry transformation whenever you wish.


Sparkle and Shine Necklace

Gems and gold and a striking flower at full bloom, the recipe for a striking pendant with a long delicate chain. For relaxed luxury this necklace speaks of understated beauty and style that will accompany you’re the many looks of your wardrobe with grace and ease.


Amour in Rouge Necklace

Rouge the color of drama, passion and classic beauty, this strand of beads takes a French twist. Pair these beads with a monochromatic black and white look for an updated Parisian glamorous look.


Barnacle Blossoms Bracelet

A darling little floral bracelet distressed as though the salty breeze and ocean waves have worn away over time bronze layers revealing a white washed aged finish. Perfect for those who don’t shy away from aged beauty, stand out in this antique looking and beachy bohemian accessory.


Shooting Star Pin

Shimmering tail like a comet or star shooting across the night sky, a great way to add sparkle and texture to a simple blazer or sweater. Style with accessories of other textures and metallic finishes for a one of kind modern look.


Shining Butterfly Broach

The start of a new stylish day, make your own fresh fashion beginning with this shining silver butterfly broach. Hammered metal wings and crystals of white and blue give this shining butterfly texture and adorable style of its own.


Penny for Your Thoughts Bracelet

Locked together like a brain teasing puzzle this interlocking triangle bracelet brings a playful fashion vibe to your wardrobe. In a unique copper colored metallic finish, reminiscent of a penny, this bracelet is perfect for the earth tones of fall.


Pop of Orange Necklace

A warm pop of color for fall, this adorable strand of transparent beads features a shade of orange that is full of personality. For a modern trendsetting combination pair with a great gray dress or top in a fun geometric pattern or pair with black and white to make this necklace the center of everyone’s attention.


Domino Effect Belt

Domino effect turns into a fantastic design detail with this gold belt of layered discs. In an all over floral pattern that transforms the hard metal of this belt into a feminine and delicate accessory.


Meadow Memories Cuff

Captured in the floral carving of this cuff is a rambling walk through a meadow filled with wildflowers, sunshine, and laughter on a warm summer day. Carry that feeling with you wherever you go on your wrist with this beautiful golden cuff.  


Bombay Cuff

Incorporate a hint of exotic India into your style with the cuff bracelet reminiscent of curving ancient Hindi letters with a royal Indian seal at front. Mix adventure and sophistication with this bangle in a relaxed bronze color.


Antique Perfume Charms

Wear your perfume in a whole new way with this antique perfume bottle with matching funnel as charms for a new pendant necklace accessory. Distressed Fleur-de-Lis and hammered silver bottle create an aged beautiful chic.


Feeling like a Royal Pendant

A statement necklace ready to make your next entrance, preferably an entrance fit for a queen. The pendant features ivory pieces encircled in goldtone settings and connected with triple looping knot work. It will add a glamorous touch to any outfit. A simple black dress or top will make it stand out to its full potential, and with a pop of color on your feet, it will take this antique feeling necklace to a new modern level.


Not Your Grandmother’s Pearls

Elegance and whimsy rolled into one. Break away from the traditional pearl necklace, with this starburst pendant on a delicate goldtone chain, adding a playful edge to timeless sophistication. Take your favorite blouse to the next level with this unexpected pendant, or add unique chic to a simple dress. Layer with other necklaces of different lengths for a one of a kind look.



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