Sacrificial Nationalism: 1916 Uprising

The 1916 Uprising, also referred to as the Easter Rebellion, was a pivotal moment in Modern Irish history. Though it appears to be a failure at first glance, it was a sacrificial act producing the momentum for Irish nationalists to gain Home Rule, and eventual independence in its entirety. This paper will examine how the concept of sacrifice within the 1916 Uprising, tied in with … Continue reading Sacrificial Nationalism: 1916 Uprising

Course Description: Celtic Ireland 490 AD-1169 AD

This course will span the era of Early Medieval Irish History, in which Ireland begin to shape itself by interaction with the outside world. The survey will begin with the establishment of Christianity in 490 AD, in the form of monasticism, and continue into the era of Viking raids until the Norman Invasion of 1169 AD. This is seen as the Golden Age of Gaelic … Continue reading Course Description: Celtic Ireland 490 AD-1169 AD

Celtic Ireland 490AD-1169AD

  The early medieval period was a source of identity for the nation of Ireland, during these years the Irish went through cultural transition from a pagan Druid community to monastic Christian society. Their heroes were re-imagined from the mythical warrior kings and champions to holy ascetic monks, who achieved glory by living a disciplined life instead of fighting in battle. The Irish transformed their … Continue reading Celtic Ireland 490AD-1169AD