Conn and Tearlag

40 years before Exile, Tearlag and Conn get married. Were they ever happy together?

Characters 04

Fiachra (left) and Biorn (right) playing Hurling.   Kinvara (left) and Aoibheann (right) sleeping after an argument, turned away from each other.

Chapter 21: Breakfast Scene

Tearlag waits for Seamus to arrive at breakfast. Plotting. Waiting to attack. Out the window, you can see Searbh in the distance.

Characters 02

Roisin, pregnant with Luiseach, and Seamus.   Carrick and Brighid, on Searbh.   Tearlag, as Dowager. Her age really starting to show. On top of the fortress looking out at Galway Bay.  

Characters 01

Aoibheann, aged 17   Kinvara, aged 18   Brighid, aged 38