Last Time on Udal Cuain….I mean The Raven Appears!

Last we left The Raven Appears (formerly Udal Cuain) there were a lot of story-lines in place.


Saoirse was in a bad way. She is a prisoner of Murtagh for murdering Ciannait and kidnapping Biorn. She had a mental breakdown during exile after abusing drugs and alcohol. She is heartbroken for Declan and the loss of her friendship with Brigid and is dwelling a lot in the past.


He is also a prisoner of Murtagh. He is a man of failure and unrequited love of Ciannait. He had remorse for his marriage and his treatment of Saoirse and his father Conn. He is furious at his brother Seamus who drove him out of Galway. He drinks too much and is an absent father – but he wants to change.


He was reunited with Murtagh and Aonghus and has become an important person in Innis Aran.


Is terrified of a prophecy. His mother is scary. His wife is miserable and his daughter is the hope of the Kingdom – but why? He regrets his part in the exile and is not happy.


Vidar is home and is falling in love with Kinvara and Gyda. His father and mother are held in ransom by Asger and his grandmother Tearlag. What will his return home have in store? And how can he rescue his fellow exiles?


She is all powerful without her meddling husband and idiotic family getting in the way. But there is one problem. She can’t seem to fulfill her father’s legacy. Everyone has let her down, but does she have a secret ace up her sleeve?

Kinvara and Fiachra

They were bored on Searbh until faeries demanded their services and now they have sent their parents to their possible deaths. Murtagh arrested Fiachra’s parents and sent Kinvara’s to indentured mercenaries to Asger. Now they are stuck on Innis Aran with their guilts.


He is lovesick over Kinvara and was stuck in Galway at the shrine after Kinvara’s exile. After Samhain and a strange game predicted danger Eamon’s friend, Aoife pushed him to leave and find her. He left for Limerick but was lost and was rescued by magical wolves.

Catch up on old chapters before Chapter 86 is posted this week! 🙂


The Viking Age May Not Make the Cut

I have two directions that I could choose while I revising Udal Cuain into The Raven Appears. I’m not sure what I want to do.


Literary puns aside this is a question on my mind.

When I began the journey of writing Udal Cuain the Viking Age was the time period I was interested in. I’m a huge fan of the show Vikings. The manner in which Michael Hirst brought this neglected time period in history to life is inspiring to me. I could go into a lot of detail as to how his storytelling style speaks to me, but I will save that for another post. From a fantastical element, the Viking Age is a great starting point for a story inspired by history and adventure. Are the Vikings good or bad and what attitude should we take toward these group of people? They were explorers, settlers, conquerors. They have a deep religious history and deities that have sparked comics, like Thor. In general, they are hard core and the sagas of the Nordic…

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Hi Muirin Project, it’s been a while…

A lot has been going on. I celebrated my two year anniversary yesterday. I’ve been working on my illustration style, working on my drink making skills, my liquid eyeliner prowess and working a lot. I dyed my hair navy blue which has faded to a bizarre green. I cut my hair short again, and this time I look like James May and Dave Keuning. Oh dear, it is so funny and embarrassing! ^^ Anyways, I also started a new writing project with my husband. Here are some highlights:







What else is going on with me?

Udal Cuain I have pulled back from actively writing on the draft. As a writer, I struggled to commit to my draft, setting and characters. I believe I have mentioned this before on the blog, maybe not. To force myself to commit I began writing chapters live in July. I have stayed with this process until January 2018 when I began to question the wisdom of this. I believe in Udal Cuain and I don’t think method is serving my novel well. I have put the project on hiatus to plan, edit and understand what I am doing with my story. If you have enjoyed my writing project hold tight, some version of the story will come back. If you think it could be better, good news I am revising and editing.

More content coming soon, stay tuned.